How Amazon left the fake review under one of my books

In January 2018 I was not able to walk and, very often, move. Trying to survive and fighting for life, I left for a while my books, pages, everything.

Now it’s time to come back, for me and you – now I have more knowledge about the piracy, scams, dirty tricks of the publishing companies.

I found that 1 star comment some time ago – today I’ve checked the profile of ‘opinion-giver’ of course flagging it.

We will see what Amazon  will do??? For sure dear team I will keep the screenshot until you will not solve this problem!

First of all why?

The career of fake reviewers


They do have profits from… Huge!


my review 1 star at Amazon of my book ‘Haunted Portumna’ has been based on the anonymous profile – no photo, nothing!!! I am not sure about purchasing, identity of that person, having the feeling that somebody tried to earn points and money on me.

If, after flagging, Amazon will contact me /will they???/ surely I will ask about some details!

Are you the Author? Read this now:

Fake reviewers at Amazon – everything for money









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