The most haunted card game and book, better than Ouija board! Welcome in the world of ‘The Death and Book’

So you can buy this at two platforms

my Book at Amazon in most of countries

the 13th chapter of this book has been never written, that apocalyptic killer will be revealed in 3rd part of ‘The Witching Runes’

and my super haunted cards:

The Death and Book – haunted game cards!

I made a tour and Spiritual photo session today with the Spirits of my newest deck! Watch this!


The cards own its Spirits, connected with them. As I wrote – it is much better than the Ouija board!!! Let’s call them! And watch..!




My Witch left me and you the message – ‘I am at It’ !!!



3 players, 36 cards – so you can get 12 only. One of them is making you dead in game immediately, you have to give your cards to the other prayers.

You can be the Witch, an Angel or the Defender.

The scoring is on my haunted cards.

Be so brave, play in time of Halloween, at haunted location, abandoned house or at special party with your girlfriend or lover 🙂




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