Let’s talk about the stealing #3 SPECIAL for the Authors

Days ago I was reading some posts at Amazon’ Community forum – as I noticed many of Authors is concerned who, how is breaking the law and where/how to find the stolen e-books.

Here we are!!! Now you now what to do!!! Please, remember, report the thief!!!

This is an official advice gave by the thefts /I copied their advises,  pasting here/:


Using torrents, streaming, usenet, ddl? Start using VPN to avoid detection & bypass anti-piracy/site blocking
Do not post personal info (emails) advertise (trackers) or request invites | Acquire invites legitimately or not at all
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Downloading Ebooks & Textbooks

guide to help people find ebooks & textbooks *(updated September 10, 2017)

Start by using these 4 steps

1) Search on Google

The name of the book + download and/or epub“.epub”mobi“.mobi”pdf“.pdf”

Other ebook formats @ wikipedia.org | google.com/search?q=ebook+formats

An example search > google.com

An example search > google.com

2) Search on Libgen.io | libgen.pw | gen.lib.rus.ec

An example search > libgen.io

An example search > libgen.pw

An example search > gen.lib.rus.ec

3) Search on B-OK.org & BookFI.net

An example search > b-ok.org

An example search > bookfi.net

For scientific articles use BookSC.org & Sci-Hub.ac

4) Search publicly tracked torrents

Search torrentproject.se and torrentz2.eu

An example search > torrentproject.se

An example search > torrentz2.eu

Google [search for the name of the book + torrent]

An example search > google.com

..and other public torrent indexes

An example search > thepiratebay.org

Publicly tracked torrent index “ebook/book” categories



..and ebook specific public torrent indexes


academictorrents.com (academic papers)

• Use my guide for finding publicly tracked torrents •
More public torrent indexes @ /links/publicly-tracked-torrents/#indexes
More public torrent search engines @ /links/publicly-tracked-torrents/#searchengines

If you still cannot find your ebooks/textbooks, try using the steps below

1) Use these threads on Reddit


Use Google for sites without search options (site:the url of the site + the book title)

An example search > google.com

2) Try searching/browsing Reddit

Some Reddit sections do not allow/frown upon asking directly for pirated materials/requesting specific items


/r/eebooks+mathbooks+csbooks+physicsbooks+econbooks/new/?sort=new3) forum.mobilism.org/viewforum.php?f=106 – mobilism.org is a forum for mobile-releases with its own EBOOK devoted section


#bookz on Undernet is an IRC channel dedicated to ebooks | more info#ebooks on IRCHighway is an IRC channel dedicated to ebooks | more info

5) Try this custom Google search

google.com/cse/home?cx=000661023013169144559:a1-kkiboeco6) Try other reliable ebook search engines/indexes

ebook3000.com (magazines)
libertyland.co/ebooks/ (french magazines)
site.telecharger-ebook-gratuit.org (french)
ebook-hell.to (german)
lesen.to/wp/ (german)

More DDL sites/blogs/forums @ /links/streaming-ddl/#ddl

7) Ebook/audiobook private torrent trackers

DO NOT join a private torrent tracker simply to try to find 1 book!
Private torrent trackers are communities that share a common interest
They are NOT leech-dumps

EBOOKS/AUDIOBOOKS | REVIEW | myanonamouse.net 2/13/13
EBOOKS/AUDIOBOOKS | REVIEW | ebooks-shares.org 12/29/12
EBOOKS/AUDIOBOOKS | REVIEW | p2pelite.com 7/28/13
EBOOKS/AUDIOBOOKS | REVIEW | rainbownationsharing.net 7/15/13
EBOOKS .HU | REVIEW | libranet.no-ip.org 5/15/13

More e-learning private torrent trackers @ /tracker-list/#e-learning

If you cannot find an ebook/textbook yourself using this guide, most likely it will not be found unless somebody has or can acquire a digital copy

Perhaps you know someone who has purchased a digital copy..

Or perhaps you can acquire a trial account for ebooks/etextbooks..

Research DeDRM google.com/search?q=dedrm

Research PDF ePub DRM Removal torrentproject.se/?t=PDF+ePub+DRM+Removal

Also look @ lendle.me & openlibrary.org

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