The Death and Book – the mortal duel, prologue

It was the will and wish of the Twelve Demons to play this game. They don’t want to be introduced as ‘e-book’, they want to make you the chosen one to play.

The Death and Witch card no 1 Negotiate or die



The Death and the Witch – Say One

She was standing on a rocky cliff, bathed by the setting sun. Down, in the
valley, was mercilessly cold – not because of the shadow – because of
those who came there. She started to count them, Twelve. It means that
one of them is on the way, the Thirteenth Demon. What were they talking
about? No words, only the blue flame between them. She knew very well
what they are doing, they opened the passage, creating a platform for the
gelid beast, for the Death.
Location: Jerusalem
Time: current
Opponent in the game: the Thirteenth Demon
Possibilities of defense: find the remaining Twelve
Ally: the Witch
Equipment: the thirteen cards
The most famous loser: Jesus of Nazareth

*The Death and Book*

Novel Graphics Cards Screenplays Created and written by Eve Janson
AD 2019
All rights to the graphics, characters, dialogues and text are restricted, as the Author and owner of all copyrights and materials I disagree with the sharing, reprinting, any other form of publishing.

It was the evening when the skyscrapers fell asleep. Not quite, here and
there was a light. She left the lamp, IT is afraid of the lack of the absolute
darkness. All things used to work that way many times. That evening IT
became different, the pressure somewhere inside her throat and the
twitching light. The demonic amplitude changed dramatically. He did not
write from yesterday, her e-mails remained unanswered – he promised he
would watch.
– Do not look in the window, ignore the Darkness…
– What??? – She froze.
– I said no move. – then the Darkness came closer – You will be punished
for this.
The signal was clear – this silent whisper of her subconscious was never
mistaken. Until this evening.
– What’s happening? Is he safe? – She asked openly, not expecting any
answers, probably only just to ask. That’s when she fell into a trap. The
rim of the iron tightened around her shoulders. Something was around,
wrapped, blocking her access to the outside world. Something has
drained her soul. And then darkness came into her mind…
– I told you don’t fight now – #Grind – Not with me!
– And I told you many times, f…k off!!! – She was furious, the demon
practically blinded her. It was too late for anything. Run, scream, look for
him? Why did it go so strong? Having nothing more to do, she just lied.
– That’s a deal, I will NOT go there but you have to show me what are you
doing now. – Usually, the demons swallow such lies. It was her last chance
to save the man she loved. The demons appreciate world’ statistics when
they do not have to sacrifice an individual one. This is called ‘Keep smile’.
The second thing, since this stinking creation came, the doling out of the
strength and points became clear – no doubts.
#Silence #Shout #Explosion
Crushing. This part of the nanosecond, when the demon lost control, was
enough for her to catch it. The demon was busy with the crushing.
– Okay, I’ll shut up. – She thought – I’ll wait for the beast to go.

Three days later, the dark blinds fell, just like that. It was 2015.
– January 2015 Flooding in southeastern Africa,
– March 2015 Cyclone Pam rips through Vanuatu,
– April 2015 Deadly earthquake devastates Nepal,
– May/June 2015 Heat waves kill thousands in India and Pakistan,
– July 2015 Flash floods hit Pakistan,
– Wildfires force largest evacuation in Saskatchewan’s history,
– September 2015 California wildfires,
– October 2015 U.S. floods,
and much more…
The man she loves survived, the district where he lived was never
touched by the cataclysm. He died in 2018, his own heart killed him. Was
this because once he has been saved by the Witch’ heart?


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