Let’s talk about the stealing #2

Never ever give your e-book for FREE!!!

I do understand that you want to promote yourself or just make a pleasure for your  Readers.

Did you notice? After days or weeks you are changing the price from FREE to 0.99 or higher. And what? NOTHING, no sales, no downloads. So, you are very poorly writer, that’s what you thought? Maybe you are ready to unpublished your e-book or again give it for FREE?

That’s the moment when the sharks of publishing business trapped you!!! Yes, the companies you are reading about daily, those few ‘friendly’ publishing platforms.

NOT soon later or never you will notice that hundreds or thousands of your free e-books have been downloaded by some companies and keeping until time. Trying to earn your milk and bread you are becoming the enemy of yourself, of that moment named ‘giving for free.

People mustn’t buy your  e-book – WHY and WHAT FOR? Strictly, they will upload the *free copies. Days, months, years… it depends how many have been stolen… is it right??? or just uploaded because you were stupid… or they made you stupid???


They do have their own ways, see you soon!




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