Testing free software for the writers

As I wrote, the next part of ‘The Witching Runes – the Death and Book’ will be created and published as the game. To do this and having enough of reading the ‘wise advices’ and fake offers, I was looking for the right software. Free is a good option but not the best sometimes. Imagine, I found it not so far away from the Amazon’ platform 😀 Just over there.

I am technical, I just don’t like to lose my time and money. I want to have all /allmost/ in one.

do you want to publish with Amazon? use this!

I needed at about 30 minutes to catch how it works, the panel of navigation is really very very  simple.

Saving your time and money, you will need only the .pdf and jpg/png files – that’s what you have on your computer/laptop hard drive – you paid for those once! No editing /I mean the editors/, no publishers /oh say goodbye/, for all you saved writing with – buy a bottle of wine for your boy/girlfriend 😉


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