The sh…t of ghost and demon hunters!

My books are written and my photos taken for people, for you! My goal is to show you what is realy standing behind, especially in situation when something is going on in your house, life, with your health. Do not take me wrong – I spent years as the Paranormal Investigator, same as the Prayer and Spiritual Photographer.

The stories of the ghost and demon hunters are making me frightened. Their irresponsibility, lack of rules, acknowledgement. For the popularity, a few dollars more or maybe it’s a hobby? That’s fine, some of them have good style – but their ‘style’ will not save your life.

The question is who is hunting for who? For the demons? Forget it! For the Spirits? Again, forget! I remember till today the mystification of somebody ‘staying in closet with the demon’ – of course the big one group of so called ghost hunters.  Thousands of clicks daily on post. Hundreds of propositions: we are taking our teams and EVP, on the way to your house. The crowd of psychic mediums advising what to do and what is in those closet in fact… By weeks, do you imagine??? What was in? The sh..t, nothing more and a woman having good fun, that one told by ‘demon’ do not it, do not leave house…

One what wasn’t in closet for sure is the professionalism and morality!!! WBC…


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