Salem, Tituba and ‘The Witching Runes’ – new book and how the Giants are stealing

So I am still in Salem, in XVII century, with my camera. Writing, I discovered many great things, first of all my deck ‘The Witching Runes’ is settled there, showing step by step what happened. Next, as I promised, you will get the perfect materials, compendium, antidotum, recipes  and deck.

  Pity, on my way, with the more popular books and products, I am discovering how the Sharks of business are stealing from us, the authors.

I had in past /last weeks/ the hell journey with Smashwords, now as I see with Zazzle. Just for fun here is one my product from my long list:

Witching T-shirt

the next I loved and very popular just disappeared when I wasn’t there, at Zazzle, from 3 weeks. The hundreds of my books magically disappeared from Smashwords!  The thefts have their own scenario and algorithm, I think I should write about soon.


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