The story of ‘Everything Could be Haunted’ cover-photo


The photo above /also from my book mentioned in title/

– initiation of the ritual with one of the oldest Spiritual creation on Earth –

/for sure, bloody!/ – More inside of my book!

It was or still is the Christian group with so charming female singer. I was watching their video from one of their many meetings aiming to praise their god. Why? Because, as their claimed, one day the archangel… appeared. The illuminated glory just came, standing close to singer. The viewers went crazy.

I was sure /well it’s my profession/ from the first moment that something is wrong, smells. One – any Spirit named by them the archangel /so very high in hierarchy/ cannot appear – simply that group of Spirits is restricted by their own rules. Next – the shine was too bright and – now you can laugh – its ‘wings’ too long.

So I took my camera trying to sort out what really visited them. That’s what you see at my book cover – MASKED dark Spirit. His Mask is not physical, this is accumulated Spiritual matter, covering the dark Spirits for a while.



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