Hunting for the Sihir

To be honest I am not sure who was hunting for whom 😉 The Sihir looks like this:


Yes, it’s exactly that guy from my Amazon’ author page and from one of my books cover. This is his indirect form, when he feels unaffected levitates in the form of condensed black smoke.

Does Sihir represent Black magic and Witchcraft only? No, this is a false statement /sorry to Islam and others :(/ – this black Jinn is a personification of darkness and suffering.

Is the legend about his black serpentine stick real? Yes, of course, its vibration calls the helpers and paralyzes the victims with fear. This particular black Jinn was a part of my last exorcism. The Sihir is the same powerful as smart – soon before his departure /not sure its mortal?/ he will offer you himself and services. What I heard? ‘I am the Pilgrim only, I am here for a while because I loved you…’.

Never ever take his offer!!! He lies. 

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