There was any catholic ‘jesus’…

I never saw him, I never caught him with my camera. That one from Islam, yes, this is in my book ‘The origin of Jesus’. He in the womb of his mother and he as the physical, mortal person.

What if the Jews just stole ‘him’? No, sorry, they are still waiting so who did it? Who mentioned and involved us in this game of ‘you have to suffer, you have to be like the Lamb’?

We have been betrayed, sold, we are like the meat for them.

The answer is logical – we have been sold by those who are feeding on us now. So, one step back, the Jews. How? And what for? Do not be surprised, those ‘innocent’ nation, the 12 removed from Israel, created the aggressive global ritual of demons’ feeding.

I am feeling tired, more about on the days…



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